Fan coil heating

Poultry heating using water

In this particular case, a heating device (boiler) produces heat which is transferred to the heat-containing media, i.e. water

At the poultry, we use fan coil units, special devices that shed the stored heat energy from the water to the environment.

Using this type of installation we have the following benefits:
- Economy, since nothing of the heat energy is being lost in the atmosphere, because water can store immense amounts of heat energy before it reaches its boiling state.
- Less consumption, because of the minimum quantities of air fuel that is injected to the firing chamber of the boiler (mild heat imparting system).
- Safety, since using this method we introduce hot water in the poultry chambers and not air fuel, so we eliminate completely any danger of fire.
- Mild air drying of the poultry chamber, creating better conditions of hygiene and living.

The fun coil system can be used not only with air fuel boilers but also with solid fuel boilers, resulting in a reduction of heating cost by 50%.


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