Pellet Production Machinery

Pellet Production Machinery
Alpha Prooptiki SA, with the co-operation with other European firms, offers small and big professional production lines for pellets, solid bio-fuel and animal fodder.


Full production lines comprised of:
Feed belt for the shredder, drier and mill
Cyclone absorber and dust filter
Feed belt for the packer
Cooling sieve of vibrating band
LCD screen and PLC system


1. Shredder
The raw material (maximum size of 10 cm) is poured into the silo and through the belt is guided to the 37kW shredder, made of hard steel blades, in order to minimize its size. The 20mm thick grid (8mm perforation) which is located behind the blades, is used to dimension the raw material.
The absorber brings the material to the next phase of processing.
The 37kW shredder accepts pieces of 10cm size. The material must be free of all foreign bodies (screws, nails, rocks etc.). An electrical motor moves an axis equipped with a steady blade made of very hard painted steel. These materials are extremely resistant and low-attrition (they can be sharpened again – the sharpener is available at request).

2. Mill
This is an important step in the production line. The material from the mill is propelled from the first pump and passes through a metallic hammer which is rotating at high speed. The material is sprayed until it can pass through a 1mm grid. A second fan pushes the material into the cyclone and the press receives it. Any dust produced is collected by a filter.

3. Pellet press
The pellet press is a unique trademarked technology, which produces pellets with a vibrating system capable also of drying the final product. So, with raw material of up to 25% moisture, is possible to produce pellets with less than 10% final moisture. This system was developed by Oliotechnology and operates under strict and specific specifications.

- Consumes only half the energy needed for the production of 1 tone of wood pellets, compared with other technologies.
- Dries the pellet down to 5%-15% moisture, depending on the raw material used.
- Does not require vapor generator or connective materials.
- The cost of producing a tone of pellets without drying (with moisture below 25%) is approximately 15 €.


4. Dryer
The 60 kW electronic dryer can be easily installed, is highly resilient and its temperature can be programmed and controlled by a processor unit. It can also be used to dry bio-mass (fruits, herbs etc.). The target moisture is not necessary to be set below 25% - no matter where the raw material comes from – thanks to the extra options the pellet press offers. The crushed material runs on a 4-level electric band system, desiccates, dries and ends up to the mill feed belt.

5. Vibrating cooling sieve
The vibrating cooling sieve separates and removes the dust. This dust will be collected by the ventilation system and returned back to the Mill.

6. Packing
This semi-automatic high quality packing system is specifically designed for pellets that come from bio-mass, such as wood, straw etc. At request, we can also offer you empty sacs with imprinted your contact information as well as your company logo. The Packing system allows you to supplement, electronically weigh and seal sacs from 5 to 5 Kg.

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